The number one rule in EV etiquette is communication.  EV Referee™ enables public charger users to easily and quickly communicate their intentions and needs. EV Referee is a write-on, wipe off custom magnet that is temporarily placed near an electric vehicle (EV)’s charging port while using a public charger.  Basic messages such as:

  • Will return at 10:30
  • If all the blue lights are out on my dash, it’s OK to unplug me.
  • Please plug me in when you are done.

By providing information to other chargers, anxiety that accompanies the public charging experience is alleviated.  The ability to communicate to others about what needs, intentions or schedule makes everyone’s charging experience better.

EV Referee is designed and manufactured in the United States of America using sustainable practices.   All orders are processed in a net-zero Colorado home-business powered by solar- and delivered to the post office in an electric vehicle (or bike when the weather allows!).