Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette
We agree with the basic rules that have been established regarding Electric Vehicle (EV) Etiquette with one important addition:  communicate.  Much of the angst surrounding public charging can be eliminated if we encourage EV drivers who are charging publicly to communicate with each other.  A simple note, left on your car, letting others know what your charging needs are, and when you will be back, gives others the information they need to make an informed decision.

EV Referee be back at 5

  • Communicate – If you communicate with your fellow EV drivers, it really simplifies the charging experience.  There’s no substitute for letting others know what your charging needs are, and when you’ll be back, or when it’s OK to unplug your car.
  • Charge only when necessary – Public charging stations are put in place to serve a very specific need – to extend the range of electric vehicles.  If you have enough charge to get where you are going, make room for others.
  • Charge, then move your car –   If there is a time limit posted at the charger, abide by it.  If there are not posted rules, then let people know when you will be back, or when they can unplug you with your permission.
  • Don’t unplug others unless you know they are done charging – Only unplug a car when/if you know they are done charging, or they have left specific instructions (i.e.- you can unplug my car if it’s after 10:30).