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EV Referee dry erase magnet with noteEV Referee

EV Referee car magnet


Approximately 6 x 9″ die-cut car magnet with dry erase front.

Product Description

EV Referee is a write-on, wipe off custom magnet that is temporarily placed near an electric vehicle (EV)’s charging port while using a public charger allowing users to “Change the Charging Conversation.” EV Referee enables public charger users to easily and quickly communicate their intentions and needs. Basic messages such as:

  • Will return at 10:30
  • Feel free to unplug me when my car is at 80%
  • Please plug me in when you are done!


  • Approximately 6 x 9″ die-cut car magnet with dry erase front.
  • Black dry erase pen included.
  • Printed in one color (black) with EV Referee logo.

Please be aware that EV Referee works as a magnet which adheres to a metal or steel surface near the EV charging port.  It has been tested and adheres well to the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid and Chevy Volt and Bolt, even in extreme weather conditions.

The EV Referee magnetic board does not adhere to carbon fiber or plastic surfaces such as those found on the exterior of the BMW i3 and the Tesla.  BMW i3 and Tesla drivers can still use the EV Referee, but would need to place the message board inside their car, on the vehicle’s dashboard.

EV Referee car magnet


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